Have I got a deal for you!

What would you say if I set you up on a workout that would take twenty minutes a day to achieve the desired training effect? Then after a few months time it would take twenty-five minutes to get the same training effect!

I would expect you to be dissatisfied with my training program!

Surprisingly enough, I witness many people trying to get in shape with training approaches that are very similar to this scenario.

Our bodies have a marvelous capacity for adaptation. What this means with regards to training programs is that when exposed to a constant load our bodies adapt to our imposed demands and unless additional demands are placed on our bodies such as longer duration or higher intensity a state of de-conditioning will ensue. Worse yet, your metabolic rate could take a hit and actually begin to slow down.

Just what you need to hear! You struggle to find the time to start an exercise program and in a short time it will take even more time to exercise?


The good news is the solution is always at hand by eliminating the use of the constant load. The method is often called interval training and the methods and variations are literally endless and the results can be astounding, not to mention more fun and productive than some boring jaunt on a piece of stationary aerobic equipment!